• Against The world
    16x20 - Canvas 0.5
  • Almost Home
    24x36 - 0.5 Canvas
  • Breaking Wave
    30x40 - 1.5 Canvas
  • Favorite Things
    24x36- 0.5 Canvas
  • Field of Glory
    15x30 - 1.5 Canvas
  • Peace in the Forest
    30x30 - 0.5 Canvas
  • Plateau
    24x36 - 0.5 Canvas


I thank The Most High Creator for the encouragement and the beauty He created that’s all around me. As a “self-taught” artist, letting go and allowing something greater than myself has proved to be my best and most challenging teacher. This journey is a continual exercise of faith. Currently all work shown is in oils, but I work with other mediums as well from time-to-time. As you visit this site, I hope at least one piece resonates with your spirit and you feel the energy that inspired it.

Blessings and Grace in Yahushua Ha Mashiach,

Never forget, Yahushua saves the lost and heals the broken hearted. He reigns and will judge all people fairly. Psalm Chapter 33; John 3:16

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    Something to see
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    What Lies Ahead
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    Time Out
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    Golden Hour
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    Against the World


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